Repair Audio Files


Searching for software to fix audio problems in DIVX file?

DIVX is a video codec created by DivX, Inc. These are used to make compressed videos of lengthy videos and also maintain high quality of the videos. Obviously this will be having audio codecs too. The DIVX files support audio codecs like MP3 and AC3 in it. There are chances of DIVX files getting corrupt. Either the video file or the audio file might get corrupted. Sometimes both the files will be damaged or will not be synchronized properly.

Suppose you are watching a movie and the audio video stream are not aligned properly at the end of the video. You will not be able to understand the movie at the end. All the joy will be faded in a moment. What can be done in such situation? Do you need to compromise with the faulty DIVX file? No, you can repair the audio of the DIVX file to sync it with the video. Repair tool helps you to repair audio files on DIVX. Repair DIVX Software is one of the best repair tools to fix DIVX audio files at your fingertips. You can watch the video file after repairing the audio of it.

Few common reasons which cause audio file corruption on DIVX file:

Virus attack: The virus might infect the DIVX file to affect the audio codec in it. The audio might not be properly audible or synced with the video then you will lose the audio information. In such situation, you can repair the audio file using repair software. Repair DIVX Software is the repair tool that can be used to repair audio files effectively.

Sudden system reboots: If the system shuts down suddenly when the DIVX file is preparing to sync the audio and video, then the audio file might get corrupted. In such situation, you can repair the audio file to sync with the video and prepare the DIVX file to be played in proper condition using repair software. Repair DIVX Software helps you to repair audio files efficiently.

Improper download: The DIVX file might not get downloaded properly. A part of the DIVX file might be damaged. There are chances of audio file getting corrupted. If it happens then you can fix audio sync of DivX file using repair software. Repair DIVX Software is one of the reliable repair tools that can be used.

Recovered using unreliable recovery tool : If you have deleted or lost the DIVX file then the files can be recovered using recovery software. The recovery software should be proper otherwise there are chances of the DIVX file getting damaged during recovery by the recovery software. You can repair such corrupted audio files of DIVX files using Repair DIVX Software.

Important features of Repair DIVX Software:

Repair DIVX Software helps you to repair audio files on DIVX video files. You can fix DIVX AVI files using the software efficiently. The software has powerful automated scanning mechanism to repair the video files. The software repairs the audio and video stream separately and adjoins them to make it playable. The software even supports to fix XVID files which are corrupted severely in few easy steps. The software has simple user interface and files can be repaired by novice users. There are separate versions of software for Windows and Mac OS based computers. Hence, you can repair video files on Mac computers using the software. The software supports repairing audio files on Mac OS X 10.5.x and above versions, Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard OS. Investigate about Mac version at

Steps to repair audio file on DIVX file using Repair DIVX Software:

Step 1: Download and install Repair DIVX Software on the computer. Launch the software and from the main window browse the DIVX file whose audio is corrupted and click on Repair button to repair the audio file.

Repair DIVX audio files - Main Window

Step 2: You can preview the files after repair using Preview Repaired File option and save the file in a particular location on the computer.

Repair DIVX audio files - Scanning Window