Fix AVI CODEC Errors on VLC


AVI video file format launched by Microsoft Corporation, is well known within media circle. It adjoins the two separate streams i.e. perfectly to form a single file. The two streams of AVI video file formats are generally combined to CODEC algorithms. So, what does this CODEC actually do?

What is CODEC in AVI?

CODEC is like any other program installed on your system, it just does encoding and decoding of the digital information to make it easy for transmission and other purposes. CODEC, will actually safeguard the information stored inside the AVI video file. Any damage to the CODEC will lead you to vulnerable situation.

AVI file format and VLC media player

Let’s come to AVI file and the most frequently used video player used to open it now. As we know AVI file formats are very effective in saving video calls, you just name it for example; Skype and live messenger. And most of the movie files that are spread over the internet also comes in AVI file. When it comes to video players that are used to play video files the first in the list according to me is VLC media player.

Facing AVI CODEC Error VLC

The most frequently faced problem while using VLC media player to play AVI file is CODEC error. AVI CODEC error VLC is searched most often by user’s internet. I myself have faced it many times. Suppose, if you have a video file which is quiet important for you and in case if it denies to play it due to AVI CODEC error VLC then there is nothing annoying than this. So, what you need to do to fix AVI CODEC error VLC? One thing is for sure, there are no manual methods to repair AVI CODEC error VLC. You will have to make use of professional tools, specifically made for this purpose.

Do you know, what are the major reasons that may cause AVI CODEC error?

Suppose, if there is no exact CODEC present on your system in order to support AVI files then you might get error message stating that there are some CODEC issues which is making the file unplayable, when you try to play it on VLC media player.

There may be situations while trying to play video file on VLC media player, it will ask you to covert video file format to AVI, as soon as it appears on your screen, you will press ok button. However, you won’t be able to play AVI video file even after converting the video file instead of that you will get displayed with AVI CODEC error on VLC media player.

Sometimes you might receive a message while trying to play AVI video files on VLC media player like CODEC is missing, do you want to download that. The next thing you might do is downloading the CODEC itself. But if it is not downloaded properly or any interruption while trying to download will cause damage to it. There may also be situations where you will try to download CODEC programs from unauthorized sites, which will actually download the entire file itself.

What to do in these situations?

The CODEC of AVI video file can get altered due to many reasons, above mentioned are the commonly occurring situations. But you can actually sort out this AVI CODEC error on VLC media players. The first method in front of you is to download the right CODEC, which will allow you to play the AVI video file on VLC media player. Not in every case the first method will work out, the next option which you can opt for is getting a professional tool like Repair Divx to repair AVI CODEC error.

Tool to fix AVI CODEC error on VLC

Repair DivX is an advanced tool that will help you to resolve CODEC errors not only with DivX video file format but also with AVI and other multimedia file formats. This tool is extremely efficient in fixing AVI CODEC errors occurring on VLC and other media players. You can fix AVI files that are stored inside different storage devices like hard drive, USB pen drive, external hard drive, etc. that doesn’t play in VLC media players due to CODEC errors. Additional features of this tool is mentioned below.

Repair DivX is compatible to work on all Windows and Mac operating system.

The efficient algorithms used with this tool ensure safe repairing of AVI files to make it playable on VLC media player.

You can also use this tool to repair XviD, DivX, MP4, AVI and other file formats.

With the help of this tool, you can easily fix corrupted AVI video files on all versions of Mac and Windows operating system with ease..

Steps to fix AVI CODEC Error on VLC

Step A: Firstly, you will have to download and install Repair DivX tool into your computer. Then launch the tool, on the main window click on "Browse" button in order to fix AVI file CODEC error and then click "Repair" button to start the process.

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step B: The software scans and repairs AVI file CODEC error with the help of its advanced algorithm.

Figure 2 : Repair Process

Step C: When the process is finished, you can view the fixed AVI file by the use of "Preview Repaired File" option.

Figure 3 : Preview Window