Best way to repair corrupted AVI videos


 AVI is a file format for Windows based PC’s. An AVI file is organized into alternating chunks of audio and video data. It is the type of file that is created when digital video clips are imported from camcorders to a PC. AVI is a container format, which means that the file name extension alone does not dictate the video’s encoding scheme.  You can play this .avi file by using any source of available compression standards.  Most videos other than Blu-ray rips come as standard definition AVI files that provide very small file sizes. For instance, the file size of a half an hour TV show is only about 175MB. At decent speeds, you can download an AVI file in less span of time than downloading watching it but, you need proper CODECs.  If CODECs are missing then you may encounter errors due to which your video files may not play.

A CODEC is software used to compress and decompress the digital media. Before a sound or video clip can be streamed to your computer from an internet or played back from a saved file, your system must be equipped with a suitable CODEC. However, you don’t have to be concerned about finding and installing CODECs for widely supported media types. By default, Windows Media Player is configured to handle this task automatically. If the player is unable to play back a particular video clip because a CODEC is missing then you may get an error like “Video not available, cannot find ‘videos: XXXX’ decompressor”. Other than this, there are several other reasons due to which your Avi files won’t play and indicates that they are corrupted.

You recorded the video of your college Annual function by using your digital video camera and then you were transferring those precious videos to your computer to view it. However, suddenly your system gets turned off due to power outage when the transfer process was about to complete. When you again turned on your system and tried to play those video files, the media players fail to play it. It freezes for a long time and then turned up to not responding error!!! When you try to play the AVI video files that are still in your camera’s memory card through the camera, you get an error indicating that the files are corrupted. Now what??? Stay calm!!! It is possible to repair the corrupted or damaged AVI files by using AVI Repair Software. This software is available for both Windows and Mac operating system, so you can easily repair DIVX file on Windows 7.

AVI Repair Software is specially designed to repair corrupted or damaged AVI files. This software can also fix corrupted AVI files due to abrupt transfer process. Additionally, it can also fix AVI files corrupted or damaged due to virus attacks, improper download, interruption while downloading the files, abrupt system shutdown etc. It can easily repair Divx movies from different type of storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, iPods, external hard drives etc at your fingertips.

Additionally, this software can also perform Xvid file repair including AVI and DIVX file repair in few clicks. It can join the suitable audio and video data streams in an appropriate manner that helps you to play your video files flawlessly. It is capable of repairing broken AVI, DIVX and XVID video files on latest versions of Windows Operating Systems like Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP. Wanna know how this tool repair broken DIVX file then refer this page site.

If you are a Mac user and your Divx AVI files get corrupted due to some reason on Mac then also don’t worry!!! You can easily repair corrupt Divx videos on Mac by using the Mac version of the AVI file repair software. Log on to for Mac related queries.

Quick steps to repair AVI files

Step 1: Download and repair Divx AVI Repair software. After launching the AVI Repair Application, click on “Browse” button to select a corrupt Divx AVI file and then click on “Repair” button to proceed

Repair DIVX AVI File - Main Window

Step 2: Once the repair process is done, view the repaired AVI video file by using “Preview Repaired File” option

Repair DIVX AVI File - Preview Window

Useful Tips:

  • Use UPS to avoid sudden power failure problems thereby avoid AVI file corruption due to power outages
  • If you are transferring AVI files from external storage device to a computer then after completing the process successfully, use “Safely Remove Hardware” option to eject the drive properly.