How to Fix DivX File having Bad Frames?


DivX is a codec that allows users to capture and view videos in high quality, this media format will combine both audio and video data in a single file. In addition, it has a perfect balance between size and quality. But many a times, it often happens that when you download a DivX movie and play it on any video players, the video plays by skipping frames, frozen images or pixel distortion problems. Which ruins the whole movie experience and make them unwatchable, although there are some players like VLC, Media Player Classic which comes with the ability to handle these bad frames and attempt to play these video files, but they cannot render DivX videos with severe multiple bad frames. However this DivX file with bad frame report can be fixed using a repair utility labeled as repair DivX tool.

Although bad frames are one of the main causes behind DivX video corruption, there are many other reasons due to which your DivX file becomes damaged and unplayable. Some of the prominent reasons are explained below:

  • Broken Download: Interruptions while downloading DivX video file from internet, results in broken download; making the video file corrupt and unplayable. In such cases you can re-download the same video file again and if no results. Then you can fix those DivX video file with the help of repair DivX software.
  • Changing the File Extension: If your DivX videos file extension is changed from one format to another like from .divx to .jpg it changes the meaning of the file making it corrupt, in such cases you can use repair DivX software to counter the problem
  • Transfer Error: DivX videos also tend to get corrupt if there is any interruption while transferring the DivX video file from one storage drive to another. Usually such transfer interruption occurs due to sudden power failure, abnormal system termination etc. This might corrupt DivX video file header that makes the files inaccessible leading to loss of valuable video files. Thus, to repair video file without header, simply click over this link
  • Media Player Crash: Sometimes when you try to play your DivX video file on incompatible media players, the media player crashes and further attempting to play the same file again and again damages the video file.

No need to get tensed, if your DivX file is corrupt or damaged due to bad frames or any other mentioned reasons mentioned above. Because it is very easy to repair corrupt DivX file and make it playable once again. Repair DivX is powerful software that can fix your corrupt DivX video and get rid of frame freezing problem. The software automatically scans and eliminated bad frames from your DivX video files and save it to your desired destination location. User can even fix broken AVI files by using this smart utility and make it playable once again. Go to this link for more hints:

The tool fixes DivX file stored in any storage drives such as hard disk, pen drives, camcorders, memory cards, iPods and etc. Apart from DivX the application also mends corrupt AVI and XVID video files, furthermore runs on all the latest versions of Mac OS X like Mac Leopard, Mac Snow Leopard and Mac Lion. The tool is available for free download through which you can evaluate the performance, speed and quality of the software, if satisfied then you can go for the licensed version.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Backup your important DivX video files onto any external storage drives
  • Use quality multimedia players to play your DivX video file
  • Install a good download manager to download your DivX files

Steps to repair DivX files after bad frame report

Step 1: Download and repair Divx software. After launching the software, click on “Browse” button to select a corrupt Divx file and then click on “Repair” button to proceed

DivX Repair Bad Frame Report - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: The software scans and repairs the corrupted DIVX file in a few minutes. The progress bar displays the completion of the repair process.

DivX Repair Bad Frame Report - Repair Process

Figure 2 : Repair Process

Step 3: After the completion of scan process you can view the fixed DIVX file by the use of "Preview Repaired File" option.

DivX Repair Bad Frame Report - Preview Window

Figure 3 : Preview Window