Repair MP4 Video Files on Computer


In this modern era, videos are regarded as the most cherished assets of many people’s all over the world. It is always delightful to watch or edit the favorite video files. There are various numbers of electronic gadgets that are introduced in order to capture videos such as digital cameras, camcorders and other video recording products. Different video file formats which are widely used are AVI, MP4, MOV, XVID, WAV, etc. Among these MP4 video file format is highly preferred as this format provides various enhancing features which help the user to get attracted towards it. MP4 is basically a MPEG-4 video files which is generally played on Quick Time Player on Mac system introduced by Apple. But if you want to play this MP4 file format on Windows operating system computer, you would require an additional plug-in. Though this video file format is highly compatible with all operating system, it might get corrupted due to certain reasons which make you to lose your favorite video files. You must be frustrated and asking yourself that can I fix my MP4 videos on my computer??? No need to get tensed, by using Repair Divx software you can fix your corrupted MP4 video files and get your data back. You can try this tool not only to repair MP4 files but also to fix Divx file after corruption.

Let us look into one practical scenario:

Suppose you have got one new digital camera and recorded videos of your first kid’s birthday party. Most of the cameras store the captured video files in .mp4 file extension. One fine morning, in order to make a copy of the video clips you switched on the computer and connected the camera using USB port. While moving the files, mistakenly you removed the data cable without using “Safely Remove Hardware” option. This makes your MP4 file corrupted which inhibits the access to your files leading to loss of data. Are you worried and thinking how to get back lost file after corruption?? Just try this tool which can effectively repair your damaged or corrupted MP4 file and helps you to restore your data.

Some usual reasons for MP4 file corruption:

Malware attack: Malware attack on the system is the most common cause for corruption of MP4 files. Harmful viruses can destroy the important components and structure of the video file. Virus will duplicate itself and it corrupts the video files as well as operating system files. If the MP4 file is infected by viruses then it will not allow the user to play on Quick Time player. Similar types of corruption occurs in DivX video files, follow the link: for better understanding.

File conversion error: Generation of errors while converting MP4 file to any other video file format such as MP4 to MOV, MP4 to AVI, MP4to FLV, etc. leads to incomplete conversion of the file which might corrupt the MP4 file. These errors occur if you are using the conversion software which is not appropriate to convert the file or if the conversion process gets interrupted due to improper power supply, software malfunctioning, etc. By using this Repair Divx application you can even repair corrupted AVI files, XVID files, etc. Click this link: for complete details.

Header corruption: In case you playa MP4 video file in a player which does not support MP4 video file format then the header of the file gets corrupted. This makes the video file inaccessible and you will unable to play the file which causes loss of file.

Hard disk failure: While playing MP4 videos if your hard disk fails then there are possibilities that your MP4 video file may get corrupted. This might happen because of improper shutdown of the computer, boot sector virus, power surges, improper repartitioning or formatting of hard drive.

Precautions to prevent MP4 file corruption in future:

  • Always create a backup copy of important files so that when you come across any data loss situation you can easily recover your files from the backup.
  • Install efficient antivirus scanning tool to make your system free from deadly viruses.
  • Good power source should be used in order to avoid unexpected system turn off.
  • It is good to use “Safely Remove Hardware” option to remove secondary storage device.

Irrespective of the reason for MP4 corruption, it is quite simple to repair and reuse the stored information by making use of Repair Divx tool.

Attractive features of this Repair DIVX Toolkit:

  1. This amazing software can easily repair damaged or corrupt MP4 files that are unable to play on Quick Time Media player.
  2. It extracts both audio and video streams of corrupted MP4 file, repairs them individually and later adjoins the files to make playable video file extension.
  3. The software can effectively fix Xvid file on both Windows as well as Mac OS X just in few clicks.
  4. This tool not only repairs Divx movies but also audio and image file formats such as MP3, JPEG, GIF,TIFF, from various storage devices like memory cards, iPods, Hard disk, USB drives and other storage devices.
  5. With this fabulous application user can even repair DivX file having bad frames . Navigate to site to learn more about DivX bad frame repair process.

Simple steps to fix corrupted MP4 video files

Step A: Download and install Repair Divx tool on the hard disk of your computer. After running the tool, click on “Browse” button in order to choose a corrupted or damaged MP4 file and then click “Repair” button to start the process.

Repair DIVX - Main Window

Step B: Once the file repair process is completed you can view the fixed MP4 video file by the use of “Preview Repaired File” option.

Fix DIVX - Preview Window