Repair DivX Video Files


There are many video file formats, DivX is one of them that is widely used across the world due to its compressing ability. A DivX file can be compressed into small size without losing the audio and visual quality of the videos. Due to this advanced feature of the DivX files format, mostly it is used to save the videos on CD, DVD and other storage media. To play these DivX video files on media player such as Windows media player, VLC, etc. DivX codec is required. Sometime you may face some error while trying to play DivX video file in Windows media player. Windows media player cannot play DivX video file and show any error message due to corruption or damage of it. In such situation DivX file will become inaccessible. Are you searching a solution to make DivX file playable on Windows media player? If yes, then make the use of Repair DivX program. This application is designed and developed by expert IT professionals to make DivX file playable on Windows media player. You can also make the use of this program not only to repair DivX file but also to repair MP4 files.

Let us talk about the reasons by which DivX file is unable to play in Windows media player:

Incomplete Downloading: During downloading the DivX file if any error occurs, such as inaccessibility of the internet, cancel downloading process, re-downloading and incomplete downloading can make it unplayable on Windows media player.

File Conversion Error: Converting a video file from one format to another can be a reason of DivX file unplayable. In between conversion process if any error occurs like power surge, improper application termination, etc. can make it unplayable.

Header corruption: In case you playa MP4 video file in a player which does not support MP4 video file format then the header of the file gets corrupted. This makes the video file inaccessible and you will unable to play the file which causes loss of file.

Storage issues: Any error on storage drives such as file system corruption, bad sectors, and virus infections can lead to DivX file corruption by which this file is not playable on Windows media player.

Codec Error: During transferring of DivX file from one drive to another drive, there can be a chance of corruption of the codec file which in turn might result  in  DivX audio-video out of sync due to ejection of removable disk from the system during this process can make it unplayable on Windows media player.

Application Error: Sudden termination of media player during playing a DivX file on it, application freeze etc. can make DivX file unplayable.

To make DivX file playable on Windows media player you can utilize Repair DivX application. It is a read only program which does not modify the source DivX video files. Instead it creates a playable DivX file by reading the content of the source file. With the help of this ready to use program not only DivX file, but also you can repair corrupted video files of different formats such as AVI, XVID, MP4, etc. without any difficulty.

This tool also enables you to fix video files that Windows media player cannot play DivX from various storage drives like memory cards, hard drives, USB drives, external hard drives, iPods, SD cards, etc. You easily repair AVI file CODEC errors in VLC player by making use of this application. You can utilize this program on various Windows and Mac based operating system such as Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP, Win server 2003 server, Win server 2008 and Mac OS x Snow Leopard, Lion and Leopard with ease. This ready to use app is also capable to repair XviD header very easily. To know more, check this page:

Simple steps to fix DviX video files

Step A: Download and install Repair Divx tool on the hard disk of your system. After running the tool, click on “Browse” button in order to choose a corrupted or damaged DviX file and then click “Repair” button to start the process.

Repair DIVX - Main Window

Step B: Once the file repair process is completed you can view the fixed DviX video file by the use of “Preview Repaired File” option.

Fix DIVX - Preview Window