Fix Corrupted DivX File


DivX is a codec that allows users to view the videos in high quality. Codecs are nothing but compressed files. The audio and video files are very large files that it is an irksome task to upload or download such files. The codec file format solves this problem. It compresses the files to very compact size and the files are decoded while playing. Suppose, you are downloading a DivX file from the internet and when you play it, it is not responding. What might have gone wrong? The file may be corrupted while you were downloading only or afterwards. If you really want to play that DivX then here is a solution. You can perform DivX file repair using repair software. Repair DivX Software helps you to repair the files successfully.

Some of the common scenarios in which DivX files are corrupted:

Transfer process interruption: The DivX file can be transferred from one drive to the other. While transferring, the process may be interrupted due to power surge, loose connection, etc. The DivX file may get corrupted then. You need proper repair tool to get back the access to the DivX file in that situation.

Changing extension: The DivX file can be converted to different files. There is a proper way to change the file format. You should use reliable software to change the video format. Sometimes, you may edit the file extension manually which is not the proper way. The file may get corrupted in that case. You can repair the DivX file using repair software then.

Playing on unsupported player : Few of the people will not know the supported video players. If they play the DivX files on the unsupported players, then the files may get corrupted. If you want to access the DivX file again, you need to repair it using repair tool. Repair DivX Software can be used to repair DivX files that is not playing on Windows media player without any difficulty.

Improper compaction: The DivX is the file is the compressed file. While it is being compressed, if something goes wrong then there are chances of DivX file getting corrupted. In that situation, the file will become unplayable resulting in data loss. If you want the file to be fixed then you can use repair software.

Notable features of Repair DivX Software:

The Repair DivX Software helps you to repair corrupted DivX file effectively. The software has simple interface and hence easy to repair files even by a non-technical person. It implements powerful mechanism to repair the corrupted DivX file. The software plays unplayable video by repairing the audio and video streams and adjoining them properly. You can repair corrupted DivX movies using the software easily. The software also supports repairing AVI and Xvid files. The software supports repairing files on external drives like memory cards, USB drives, etc. There is a separate build of the software for Mac users. Visit here to know more about repairing DivX files on Macintosh OS. By empowering this wizard, you can easily repair unplayable DIVX video file on ps3 on different OS of Windows like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 with an ease.

Steps to repair DIVX file using Repair DIVX Software:

Step 1: Download and install Repair DIVX Software on the computer. Run the software to get the main screen of the software as shown in below figure. Browse the corrupted DivX file and click on “Repair” button to repair it.

Repair Corrupted DivX File - Main Window

Step 2: The software repairs it and displays the result that can be previewed using “Preview Repaired File” option. Save the file on the drive of the computer.

Repair Corrupted DivX File - Scanning Window