How to Repair DivX Files on Mac?

The Divx codec is based on the Mpeg 4 standard. It is very popular on the web as a means of sharing around video files, much like MP3 for audio. When the entertainment industry was still trying to know about what actually the MP3 business was all about, the divx video compression CODEC was already becoming a popular for sharing video on the internet. It has remained popular till today regardless of the challenges from other freeware codecs. It can easily wrap compressed video, menus, subtitles and multiple audio streams into a single file. It can also be used for video files including Windows Media Videos (WMV), MPEG-4 and AVI files.

Divx files are supported by various media players like Windows Media players 6 and above, Real Player, BS player, the Playa etc. By using a Divx codec, video producers can shrink an entire DVD sized movie to fit on a CD without losing too much of the video quality. Like any other audio or video files, these Divx video files are prone to corruption due to many reasons. But now you don't have to get worried, if any important DivX file of yours get corrupted, since now an efficient Repair DivX application exists using which you can Fix DivX Files on Mac computer with a great ease. Repair DivX app is a most effective and widely used repair tool to fix DivX videos on Mac computer. Get more information about this repair toolkit, visit at

Scenarios for DivX video file corruption:

Media Player crash: If your Media Player which is used to play Divx file suddenly crashes while playing the Divx files due to some incompatibility, then your Divx video may get corrupted. After application crash, again when you re- launch the application to play Divx video files, you may unable to play that video resulting in error messages However if you want to fix DivX files on Mac, then you can make use of repair DivX tool.

Divx file corruption after data recovery: Your Divx video files may also get corrupted after improper data recovery. Some unreliable third party data recovery software does not guarantee safe recovery.  If you use such software to recover deleted or lost data then during the data recovery process, such software may corrupt your data making inaccessible resulting in data loss. But, using DivX repair software you can easily fix DivX videos on Mac based computer.

Hard drive failure: If your hard drive fails while playing the Divx videos then also there are chances of Divx video file corruptions. Your hard drive may fail due to various reasons like boot sector virus, abrupt system shutdown, power spikes, improper formatting or repartitioning the drive. In that situation, you need to use repair tool for DivX video fixture.

Divx video corruption after transfer process: After recording videos using a digital video camera, you will generally transfer those videos to your computer to view it. After successfully transferring those videos, when you try to play those Divx video files using Media player, you get “Error – 50, movie cannot be recognized”. This means that the Divx video files are corrupted due to some reasons like missing codecs, bad frames etc.

No need to worry at all!!! The Divx Repair Software is here to help you to fix DivX files on Mac with utmost ease. It has the ability to repair divx files on Mac hard drives, various types of memory cards, external hard drives, USB flash drives, iPods etc. It can repair DivX videos on Mac Operating Systems like Mac Snow Leopard, Lion and Leopard. It can easily repair Divx video files corrupted due to any reasons. Divx Repair software will not only fix DivX files on Mac, but also it allows you to fix corrupt AVI videos and XVID video files at your fingertips. In a very limited this software will repair DivX files on Mac, hence it is regarded as one fastest tool among others.

If you have downloaded some essential video tutorials that are Xvid format and those files gets corrupted due to improper download or interruption while downloading the Xvid files then also don’t worry!!! It is possible to repair Xvid files corrupted after improper download. If you want to repair the Xvid, Avi or Divx video files on Windows Operating System then also you can repair those files easily. This is because, the Windows version of the Divx repair software is also available. You just need to download the free demo version of this software to judge the recovery chances of Divx Repair Software, If you feel it can fix DivX videos on Mac as per your requirement then buy its licensed version.

Steps to repair DivX files on Mac:

Step 1: In order to fix DivX files on Mac, download and launch Divx Repair software. Once the application is launched properly, click on “Browse” button to select a corrupted or damaged Dix file and then click on “Repair” button to initiate DivX files repair on Mac.

Fix DivX Files on Mac - Main Window

Step 2: Once you click on repair button, the software begins repairing the file.

Fix DivX Files on Mac - Repairing Process

Step 3: After completing the repair process, this software allows you to view the repaired Divx video file by using “Preview Repaired File” option

Fix DivX Files on Mac - Preview Window

How to avoid Divx file corruption in future?

  • Always take backup of essential Divx files so that you can restore it when they get corrupted or lost
  • Do not use unreliable applications to try the data recovery process
  • Use antivirus applications and update it regularly to get rid of viruses thereby avoid file corruption issues