DivX Video Files


DivX a well established name in the video compression technology. The format was designed to provide users fast and convenient play of high- quality videos. Among all latest MPEG-4 based codec DivX codec is most popular because of its quality, speed and efficiency plus the format supports wide range of DVD players. DivX gives same image quality at very less size, so it is perfectly suited for movie downloads. You can easily get a movie in single CD while maintaining the same image quality of the DVD.

The DivX is usually combined with MP3 or AC3 audio to provide both high quality audio and video. At times a video playback might give you headache and you might feel like shutting down the video. Apart from video streaming problem you might have faced problem with audio sync. Sometimes your audio might go out of sync or sometimes not any sound at all.

If you have faced such problem then one thing you need to understand is that video and audio are two separate things, which when combined make up movies. A movie consists of a video stream for the picture and an audio stream for the sound. The DivX codec is what makes it possible to decode the video stream, but it has nothing to do with decoding the audio stream. If the sound in a movie isn't working you have to find out which audio codec is missing.

Sometimes you might face problem of very low volume and we’ve found that the problem with really low volume in DivX movies is usually caused by the movies using the AC3 audio codec. The default volume for the AC3 codec is quite low.

Apart from these there are problems related to DivX audio out of sync which can be categorized mainly in two ways-

  • The difference between audio and video is constant throughout the video.
  • The difference between audio and video increases as the movie plays.

However both the categories can have one cause or several causes and based on that the way of DivX audio out of sync fix can be determined. Some of common causes are listed below:

    1. The Faulty Media player.

    The media players such as Windows Media Player, VLC and QuickTime player sometimes have a hiccup. Take QuickTime for instance. It may have timescale issues when bringing MPEG source into Avid or Final Cut Pro, which may make audio go out of sync with video.

    2. Encoding video with intense features.

    If you are working on a slow computer with low configuration but encoding video with really fast and highly configured PC then your audio and video will be synced in a wrong way

    3. Exhaustive use of computer system.

    The intensive use of CPU can lead your system go abnormal. So the processes like video encoding, editing or downloading will not go smooth. This is where the audio/video goes out of sync. Simply restart your computer and play the video again, it is quite possible that you might not need any sophisticated solution for DivX audio out of sync fix.

    4. Badly encoded codec.

    A badly encoded movie clip or missing information in codec structure usually troubles with audio/video out of sync. For example when you are encoding MPEG-2 content, be selective in the codec. For the older ASP codec like DivX and Xvid, and the previous .avi container,can have bad AVI codec errors in VLC, so you are not suggested to choose them as they are usually considered as the crime culprit of audio/video sync issue.

Some hardware and software issue might result DivX audio out of sync. First thing you can try for DivX audio out of sync fix is to run the file on a different computer or install more intensive Media Player which can support wide variety of file format.

If the problem seems out of your reach at first instance you need more advanced option like Repair DivX software. It is an easy way to solve the audio video out of sync issue. Every single encode on this DivX audio codec will be scanned and corrected till you will not have any delay between the audio and video. This Software for Mac works excellently as a repairing utility to let you have seamless flow of audio and video streaming. It works fine with both downloaded as well as DVD rip videos. It renders same quality for other video formats like MKV, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4, etc and can be watchable in devices like for iPhone, iPod Mini 3/Air 2, Samsung etc with perfect audio and video sync. Please check its windows version if you are using DivX on your Windows 10/8/7. With the help of this ready to use program not only DivX file, but also you can repair corrupted video files of different formats such as AVI, XVID, MP4, etc. without any difficulty.

Steps to fix DviX audio-video sync

Step A: Download and install Repair Divx tool on the hard disk of your system. After running the tool, click on “Browse” button in order to choose the faulty DivX file and then click “Repair” button to start the process.

Repair DIVX audio problem - Main Window

Step B: Once the file repair process is completed you can view the fixed DivX video file by the use of “Preview fixed File” option.

Fix DIVX audio sync - Preview Window