Fix DIVX Video File not playing on PS3


PS3 is abbreviated as the play station 3 which is manufactured by Sony. This PS3 is mainly used to play games online and store recorded videos and music. Many people prefer to focus on this play station to perform above task because of its unique features and advanced graphics included in it. DIVX is the best format used to save video file as it has good resolution and gives high quality videos. DIVX can be stored on PS3 hard disk. But, PS3 supports only AVC and AAC formats to store video and music files. This stored DIVX file on PS3 HDD storage must be first converted to these above formats. But, during transcoding DIVX video format to AVC or AAC, there is a high possibility that your Divx video file might get corrupt on PS3 and make it unplayable.

Real Time Scenario: I have downloaded a video file which is of DIVX format and saved it on PS3. Later when I clicked on play, it was unable to open. I tried many ways to play that video. It was of no use. I can't even let it go as it is my important office design video. So, is it possible to repair corrupt DivX video file which is not working on PS3 storage drice? Can anyone suggest me the best way to fix DivX file not playing on PS3?

Well, this is not the major issue. Due to advancement in technology, there are many repairing products available in internet. But, all are not trustworthy, you have to be careful while choosing the right one. To avoid confusion of selecting right tool, I m introducing you an experts recommended software named Repair DIVX. This application can fix Divx file not playing on PS3 successfully without altering the original source. It is completely free from all viruses. Hence, you can prefer this product for performing the repair task of DivX file successfully.

Reasons for DIVX file not playing on PS3:

  • Codec is the main factor for corruption of video file. If you try to compress a video file with wrong codec on PS3 then in that case your video file might get corrupt and become unplayable on PS3 storage disk.
  • File header contains supported contents like date of creation, file type, etc. These files are very essential in playing DIVX files. If file header is corrupted due to virus present in location in which PS3 is saved, then it will become unplayable on any media player. These viruses may occur due to downloading a video from untrusted site.
  • While you are playing a video file of Divx format on PS3, if frequent power failure occurs then there is a chance that your video file may get damaged or it may result in unsynced audio video which is a result of improper closure of application. In such situation, there is a high chance that your video file gets damaged and you may end up with video file that is not working.

Whatever may be the reason for corruption of video file, finally your video file will not be able to open on PS3. If you encounter with any above stated problems, then need not panic, just make use of Repair DivX software and get the file repaired in fraction of seconds.

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Excellent features of Repair Divx software:

Repair DIVX is the amazing tool that can easily repair unplayable DIVX video file on PS3 on Mac OS X 10.5.x and latest versions like Mac Snow Leopard, Mac Lion and Mac Leopard. Apart from mending DIVX videos, you can even fix corrupted AVI, XVID, etc. on PS3 within brief time. This utility first scans the corrupt/ damaged DIVX file, and then generates its new copy without altering original file. You can even use this smart application to mend corrupted DIVX videos and make it playable on all versions of Windows easily. It is a user friendly tool with simple interface so that even nontechnical user can repair DIVX video without any difficulty. You can use demo version of this product which is available free of cost to know repairing of DIVX file that is unable to play on ps3 in detail with clear steps along with slides.

Steps to mend DIVX file not opening on PS3:

Step A: Download and install Repair DivX tool on the hard disk of your computer. After running the repairing program, click on "Browse" button in order to choose not playing DIVX file and then click "Repair" button to start the process.

Fix DIVX File not playing on PS3 - Main Window

Figure 1 : Main Window

Step B: The application scans and repairs playing DIVX file on PS3 in a few minutes. The progress bar displays the completion of the repair process.

Fix DIVX File not playing on PS3 - Repair Process

Figure 2 : Repair Process

Step C: After the completion of scan process you can view the fixed DIVX file by the use of "Preview Repaired File" option.

Fix DIVX File not playing on PS3 - Preview Window

Figure 3 : Preview Window