How to Repair DIVX File Header?


How to Repair DIVX File Header?

Digital Video express abbreviated as DIVX is a popular high quality video format created by Divx Inc. Divx format became quite popular due to its ability to compress video files to remarkably small sizes i.e almost 15% of the original size. It compresses the video files without sacrificing the quality of video. So Divx format is more preferred file format for online video distribution and in P2P file-sharing networks. Various media player applications that support Divx video file format include Video LAN VLC media player, Real Networks RealPlayer, Apple QuickTime Player with Divx codec.

Header is the most vital data structure of Divx file. Header is a region nearest to the file’s beginning where all the bookkeeping information about the file will be stored in data bytes such as date on which the file was created and updated, size of the file, format in which the file is saved and other file attributes. Any sort of damage to the file header leads to inaccessibility of the Divx file. Several attempts made to open corrupt file on any media players simply throws up various error messages warning you that the file header is severely corrupted and needs to be repaired. These unfortunate situations, runs you into the need of using Divx repair tool in order to watch error free Divx video. This read-only software will never harm your original Divx file as it reads required information from damaged Divx file, repairs it and later saves it as a new video file. This power packed application has received many testimonials from satisfied customers for its excellent performance. It is highly recommended by many shareware experts and industry experts all over the world as the best repair tool available over the internet with non destructive repairing techniques.

Divx videos are one of the best stuff that many individuals around the globe enjoy to watch. Therefore any sort of damage to the adorable Divx file is painful. There are many factors responsible for corruption of Divx header. The most common reasons include:

Malware Attack: Malware including Trojan horses, spyware, adware are the most dangerous threat responsible for malfunctioning of the Divx file as they severely damage the file structure of the header making the entire Divx file unplayable. Malware has the capacity of associating with different types of file format in order to damage the main essence of targeted file.

Transfer Errors: Any sort of interruptions encountered while transferring, uploading or downloading the Divx file over the internet leads to corruption of header and which in trun results in broken DIVX file. File transfer process gets interrupted mainly due to low network connectivity, sudden system shut down from power surge when the file transfer is in progress etc. To read more about broken DIVX file reapir follow this link

Changing Header of the Divx File: As header is the most important data structure never to tamper with. If you want to change the header of the file with the help of third party application then you need to have complete knowledge about it and you need to be aware of what you are doing. Usage of inappropriate header editor software that is not compatible with the file leaves the header in corrupt state. In addition to this, usage of outdated or pirated versions of third party header editor software damages the header. Once the header gets damaged then the file refuses to open even after several attempts. However, you can fix video files without header using services of this effective repair tool.

Improper Termination: Sudden power surge leading to improper shut down of a system when the file is in active mode or playing mode severely damages the header of the file. Frequent power fluctuations may damage your system as it directly affects the functionality of your storage disk. Hence there is more portability that your data stored on the disk gets corrupted.

Leave aside the reasons responsible for corruption of header; it does never play any important role in repairing process as Divx repair tool has the ability to fix Divx header under any corruption scenario. This tool is specially designed with powerful built-in algorithms which have the potential to fix corrupted AVI files in shortest span of time. The easy-to-use interface of the software allows any non technical user to quickly fix the file without seeking any help from data recovery experts. The repairing capacity of the software is not limited to only Divx files, it can even fix XVID file that are severely damaged or corrupted due to some unstoppable occasions. Just click here to learn more information on how to repair XVID file.

Divx repair tool supports different data storage devices such as hard drives, USB drives, flash memory cards, external hard drives, iPods, Fire Wire drives etc. This tool works well on latest version of Windows operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. You can use this tool to fix Divx files on Mac operating system versions including Mac Lion, Mac Leopard, Mac snow Leopard and Mac Mountain Lion. To learn more info about Divx file repair on Mac OS go through the following link

Simple Steps to Repair Divx Header

Step 1: Download and install the Divx repair tool on your computer. After launching the Divx repair tool, click on “Browse” button to select Divx file with corrupt or damaged header and then click on “Repair” button to proceed.

Repair DIVX Header - Main Window

Step 2: Once the repair process is completed, view repaired Divx file by using “Preview Repaired File” option.

Repair DIVX Header - Preview Repaired File