Repair DIVX Movies


Do you want to repair corrupted Divx movies?

Video is considered as a linear medium as it comes at you in a linear way through time. There are numerous factors that contribute to the size of a digital video files including file formats, bit rates, resolution and how much storage space it needs. Divx (Digital Video Express) is a proprietary encoding scheme that is commonly used to compress the larger video files. This Divx is based on MPEG-4 compression standard. It is specially designed for multimedia files like Zip compression technology for digital data. Unlike most other types of files, only the filename extension does not dictate the encoding scheme. All .jpg image files use standard JPEG compression but a movie file may employ any one of dozens of available compression standards called codecs. Divx is one of the commonly used compression standards for movie files. Without the proper codec for a video file, you won't be able to play the video or movie and even you cannot convert it into another format. If the codecs are missing or broken then you may encounter video file corruption problems.

Sometimes, the Windows Media Player might have trouble in playing a video rather than a missing or broken codec. Namely, problems with the video file itself. Therefore, first make sure that your movie file is complete. In that case, you can use software to fix audio problems at your fingertips. If you have downloaded it from the web then try clearing your browser cache and downloading the file again. If you are not able to re-download it or if you are unable to play even after redownload then the file is really corrupted. It may be due to improper download or due to internet connection problems. Your Divx movies may also get corrupted due to abrupt system shutdown when those files are open. In such case, you get an error that indicates that Divx file without header. Due to that problem, no program can read and play that movie file. When you try to play it by using different applications, you might be getting the time as 0:00:00 that indicates that the file is corrupted. Then you can fix damaged movie files efficiently using the software.

What you should do now?? In earlier days, media problems meant using a butter knife to remove a tape out of your VCR and then solve the problem. But now, repairing corrupt media files has become relatively easier that too by using professional repair tools like Divx Repair Software. This amazing repair utility you can repair DivX index as well. By using this software, you can repair your corrupted Divx file in only 3 easy steps. This Divx repair software is designed with powerful and advanced algorithms which repair and joins the video and audio data streams alongside. It can also fix corrupted Xvid files with utmost ease.

Divx application can also play AVI video files. If these AVI video file formats get corrupted due to application crash, virus attack or any other issues then also you can use this software. It has the ability to perform AVI video file repair in less span of time. This software supports different type of storage devices like hard drives, different types of memory cards, USB drives, iPods, external hard drives etc. This software also allows you to preview repaired Divx movies after successful repair process. The repaired Divx video files can be played on both Windows and Mac Operating system. Additionally, if you are a Mac user and want to repair Divx video files on Mac then use the Mac version of this software. Know more in detail about Mac at

Only 2 easy steps to repair corrupted Divx movies

Step 1: Download and install Repair Divx software and then launch it to repair Divx movies. After launching the application, a main screen appears with “Browse” and “Repair” button. Click on “Browse” button to select the corrupted Divx movie and then click on “Repair” button to start the repair process

Repair DIVX - Main Window

Step 2: As you click on “Repair” button, the software starts repairing the corrupted Divx movie files

Repair corrupted DIVX - Scanning Window

Step 3: Once the repair process gets completed, you can view the repaired video files by using “Preview Repaired File” option

Fix DIVX - Preview Window