Repair DivX Video File


How to Fix DivX files?

 Videos are the most effective media files. You can capture the moments in video files. You enjoy watching the videos and remember those moments. These videos are made more attractive with different file types. There are number of video codecs. Video codecs are used to compress the video files and help video playback on the video players. DivX is one of the most used video codec which maintains the quality of video after compressing the long video segment into small sizes.

The DivX files may get inaccessible at times due to corruption. The DivX files might have got corrupted due to any reason. The file will go inaccessible and you will lose the data in it. Suppose the data on the DivX file is very important then you may be looking a way to get back the access to it. In that situation, you can use repair tool to fix DivX. DivX Repair Software helps you to repair corrupted DivX effectively.

Some of the scenarios in which DivX files are corrupted:

Improper downloading: The DivX files may be corrupted due to improper downloading. The DivX file may not get downloaded fully. Some part of the DivX file may be missing, leading to inaccessibility. You will lose the important data in the DivX file. In that situation, you need to use repair software to get back the access to the DivX file, click here for more.

Improper compression: The DivX file may not be compressed properly. In that case, the file may refuse to open and you will lose the data in it. If you want the DivX file back to working condition then you need to fix it using repair software.

Changing file format: If the file is not accessible on the computer, you may change the file format manually. It is not the proper way of file conversion. You need a converter to change the file type. Sometimes the file conversion may not be successful and you lose the DivX file to corruption.

Virus infection: The DivX file may get infected by virus and you will lose the access to the data in it. The file may get the virus from the host computer or via internet. Hence, you should use internet protection on your system to avoid such data corruption. However you can use the DivX Repair Software to repair and get back the access to the DivX file.

Advanced features of DivX Repair Software:

The DivX Repair Software helps you to repair DivX files efficiently. The software helps you repair corrupted DivX movies on your computer, for more information on movie repair click here. If the video is not playing properly then the software separates the audio and video streams and makes it playable by arranging the streams properly. With the help of this repair application, you will be able to repair DivX index easily with great ease and accuracy. To know how to fix DivX index, visit this page: The software supports repairing DivX files on your Windows OS. You can even repair files on Mac computer using the Mac version of the software. The software can even fix AVI and Xvid file formats. Try the demo version of the software to view the repaired file.

Easy steps to repair DivX video files

Step 1: Download and install Divx Repair Software. Launch the software to get the main screen of the software as given below. Click on “Browse” button to select a corrupt Divx file and then click on “Repair” to scan the file.

Repair DivX Video File - Main Window

Step 2: After repairing, the file can be previewed using “Preview Repaired File” option as shown in the figure below.

Repair DivX Video File - Preview Window