Mend DIVX File on Windows 7


Digital video express shortly termed as DIVX is a video file format. It includes some features such as video menus, subtitles, audio tracks. DIVX file is very popular video format for providing high quality videos. You may find your favorite videos or movies not playable after getting corrupt or broken. However, there are some circumstances in which the important DIVX video stored in Windows 7 computer may get corrupt. Sometimes, corruption of the important DIVX video file is really frustrating. Then you need software which helps you to fix DIVX file.

DIVX repair software work efficiently in Windows 7 computer. Software repairs corrupt DIVX file by splitting audio and video data streams of broken parts of file and then de-mux it to transform. It creates a replica of corrupted DIVX file to insure integrity of source file data. It comes with easy to use GUI so that a novice user can also use this tool to fix DIVX, XVID and AVI files. This award winning software is capable to mend corrupted AVI files from digital camera and camcorder of different manufacturing brands such as Kodak, Nikon, Minolta, Canon, etc with utmost ease. The repaired DIVX file retains the original audio and video clarity. In addition, this tool repairs XVID and AVI files. The preview option of the application enables you to play and view your repaired AVI video file. So you get to see its usefulness before actually purchasing it.

Scenarios responsible for corruption of DIVX file on Windows 7:

  • Unsupportable player: Sometimes, if you try to play the DIVX video files on the player which is not compatible for running DIVX video files, then the player may throws an error indicating that the file has been corrupted.
  • File header corruption: File header corruption is also leads to DIVX file corruption. A file header contains necessary information of a file such as file size, its creation and modification date, file type etc. Any alteration to file header makes that inaccessible.
  • Improper download: After downloading a video file from network if you were not able to play then it may be due to improper download. You can download the file once again and try to open it but if the source is not available to download it again then you have to fix Divx file. It may also get corrupted if power surges or low network problem occurs at the time of downloading.
  • Interruption while transferring files: While transferring DIVX files from one device to another if the transfer process gets interrupted then the chances of DIVX file corruption is more. This happens most of the times when you transfer DIVX files from your camera or camcorder to your computer.

Some basic features of DIVX repair tool:

  • Repair DIVX video, XVID video files and AVI files.
  • Repairs and adjoins audio and video data stream side by side.
  • Supports devices like Hard Disk Drives, Memory Cards, and USBs etc.
  • It can easily repair corrupted or damaged Divx files from hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, iPods, external hard drives etc.
  • Fix DIVX AVI video file formats corrupted due to virus attacks, improperly ejecting removable storage device during the transfer process, power outages, abrupt system shutdown etc.
  • This tool supports repair and recovery of files from Windows 2003 and 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 etc.

In order to avoid corruption of your favorite DIVX video files, it's strongly recommended to maintain regular backup of your DIVX files. Furthermore, use updated antivirus software to avoid infection of viruses and malware to your computer.

Steps to DIVX repair Windows 7:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of DIVX repair tool. Launch the software, as soon as software starts running, the main window will pop-up. Click on “BROWSE” button to upload corrupted DIVX video file from its location where it has been stored. As soon as you click on browse, your file gets uploaded automatically. Then click on “REPAIR” to start repair process.

DivX Repair Windows 7 - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Once your file gets repaired, you can preview your repaired video file in separate window and click on “BROWSE” in order to save your repaired file to a specified location.

DivX Repair Windows 7 - Preview Window

Figure 2: Preview Window