Repair XVID Files


Easily repair corrupt XVID files using XVID Repair Software!!!

Earlier, the production of high quality videos has traditionally required expensive equipment, highly trained professionals, and generous budgets. Today, the availability of reasonable and powerful digital tools like cameras, editing software and computers has made videos a practical addition to your many multimedia projects. These digital video files are characterized by very large file sizes hence it put a significant burden on processors, storage devices and computer networks. Most frequently, you will get such digital videos by the digital cameras or as download from previously created digital video files. In order to reduce such burden on processors and storage devices, several video file types are available in compressed form that helps in reducing the burden on processor and storage devices.

Among all different types of video files, XVID compressed files provide DVD quality video with comparatively very small file sizes. They have become popular for distributing high quality video files over the internet.  Xvid is often referred to as the open source version of Divx and is generally perceived as its main competitor. Xvid is also arguably one of, if not, the most popular video file format used on the internet not only because it is free and offers marginally better quality over Divx. But, also because most of the people who perform video encoding deliberately choose to use Xvid due to the uncertainties they have against the Divx Company. Regardless of all these advantages of Xvid files over other type of files, there are some situations which may lead you to loss of valuable videos.

When you try to play some video files that you have recently downloaded from the internet by using VLC player, suddenly you will get an error that indicates that the Xvid file is corrupt. When you try to play that file by using any other application then the audio was out of synchronization, video plays in weird colors and after sometimes, it won't play at all!!! There are several reasons for Xvid file corruption. If you are encountering Xvid corruption errors immediately after you download it from the internet then it might be due to interrupt or improper download. Download it again and try to play that Xvid video. If you are unable to play that video or unable to redownload it then you must fix corrupted Divx, AVI or Xvid files by using the XVID Repair Software. If you have captured the videos from your digital video camera and then transferred it to your computer to view it then it might be due to abrupt data transfer.

Whatever the reason behind the Xvid file corruption, you can repair it easily by using this efficient and reliable Xvid Repair Software. This software is specially designed with powerful in-built algorithms to repair severely corrupted or damaged Xvid files. It not only repairs Xvid files, it also has the ability to repair Divx AVI file. It can repair larger Xvid, Avi and Divx files with utmost ease. Also, it provides preview feature to view repaired Xvid video files.

By using this tool you can even fix not playing DIVX file. To know how this tool repairs not opening DIVX file, refer this link. Xvid Repair Software supports different types of storage devices like hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, external hard drives etc. If your video files or movies get corrupted due to virus attacks, sudden power failures due to which your system get turned off abruptly then also you can use this software. It can easily fix corrupt Divx movie files in an easy way.

This software works well on all latest versions of Windows Operating Systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you want to fix Divx files on Mac OS then you need to use the Mac version of this software. It is compatible with all latest versions of Mac Operating System and also Mac models like MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air and iMac.

Easy steps to repair corrupted Divx movies

Step 1: Download and launch Xvid Repair software. Once you launch the application, click on “Browse” button to select a corrupt Xvid file and then click on “Repair” button

Repair DIVX - Main Window

Step 2: After completing the repair process, you can view the repaired Xvid video file by using “Preview Repaired File” option

Fix DIVX - Preview Window

Simple Tips:

  • Do not interrupt the download process
  • Make sure that the internet connectivity is proper
  • Use “Safely Remove Hardware” option to eject the external storage device if you are transferring the files from external drive to your computer